Is PreNeed Funeral or Insurance Sales Right for Me?

People write in or call and ask us if we think they would be a good fit for PreNeed Funeral, Cemetery or Insurance Sales and to that we usually say….PROBABLY! Why probably? Most people have most everything they need to do well in PreNeed Sales.

First, very few people are “born” salespeople. Sales is typically learned and most anyone can learn to sell. Second, PreNeed sales is a great career for anyone looking for a little flexibility in life with an opportunity to make a very good income. Next, PreNeed Sales does not require specific qualifications or education. Most companies will require at least a High School education and that’s it! If you don’t have a college degree and have struggled for finding a career that pays well and accepts you for who and what you are, give PreNeed Sales some thought.

If you have the qualities mentioned above, chances are with a little coaching, you could do very well in PreNeed Funeral, Cemetery and/or Insurance Sales.

So what are the biggest reasons people fail in PreNeed Funeral, Cemetery or Insurance Sales? There are two things, lack of training or direction and lack of drive or motivation.

Drive or desire is something that cannot be taught. You either want it and are willing to work for it or you don’t.

We’ve seen people with very little or no sales experience do extremely well in PreNeed Sales because they get trained properly and have the drive to succeed. We constantly remind our Coaching students that “Their other option is from 9 to 5.” (In other words, A JOB). We talk about often, how, why on earth would you risk having to go back to the ol’ ball and chain of a regular job when you have the opportunity and freedom to spend more time with your family, be your own boss for the most part and make more money than your going to make on an hourly wage.

If you like the life style of Sales but struggle with staying motivated on a daily basis, get some help, find a mentor or coach before you give up. It is often just a little direction you need before you succeed.


Succeed or Fail…You Decide.